A Bit of Backstory!


I loved making jewelry when I was a little girl, and many a rainy day was spent stringing painted macaroni!!! Thankfully, I have access to a much wider variety of materials these days, but I think the fun of 're-purposing' stayed with me.


Around the same time as I started getting back into jewelry-making as an adult, I was also remodeling a house. I found myself wandering around the hardware section, fascinated by all the different metals and shapes, saying to myself "ooh, that'd make a great .... necklace component!!!"


At the core of my jewelry designs is the concept of transformation and new possibilities. I love seeing the potential in ordinary automotive or machine hardware — things that are usually just mundane, utilitarian and disregarded — and being able to re-purpose them into something beautiful. Perhaps it’s that sense of `anything is possible´, but I find designing these pieces a very positive and uplifting creative process.

Whilst I'm still a huge fan of traditional jewelry components, I always find myself veering back to alternative or re-purposed materials to include in my work. And the hardware store has become my imagination’s playground!


In addition to Mountain Tree Studios' photographic and design endeavors, I design and sell one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, which really allows my creative side the chance to play!

I periodically participate in art shows around the North and South East USA, but if you prefer to shop online, I'd love you to visit my Etsy Store, or contact me at info@mountaintreestudios.com for information about custom designs or re-purposed pieces.