Photo restoration

Restoration of old, damaged photographs; from your own scans ** or hard copy photographs

**scan quality requirements apply


Photo-retouching and editing

Simple to highly complex image correction; blemish removal, background replacement, beauty retouching, product retouching and photo-manipulation.


Custom graphics and Photo-compositing

Pictures that tell a story: photo-illustration, custom imagery and compositing

Digital Painting

One-of-a-kind paintings can be done from almost any image, even ones from your phone. Photographs of  family  members, pets, cars or favorite landscape can be used as a basis for a painting.


This artwork is not done with presets or filters. They are individually hand-painted, using the photograph as a reference.


The final painting size is not restricted by the original photograph, but will be done at the scale requested.


Digital paintings work well printed on canvas or textured rag papers for that authentic fine art feel.

Graphic Design

Our design services range from logos and brand identity to graphic assets for web and print.

Coupled with our photographic services, we are a one-stop-shop for small business design needs.


We have over 10 years experience designing websites and presentations, printable media, packaging and even hand-crafted designs for weddings, showers and gifts.