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A series of abstract minimalist photography, based on some of the world’s most beautiful cars.



I am fascinated by the aesthetics of automobiles; their sculptural nature and how they interact with light. In the same way as a landscape image relies on light and shade, the interest in a car’s form is intensified by how light falls on it. It defines the contours, creates reflections and subtly changes the colors — even the slightest perspective change can entirely alter your view. Whilst every aspect of a car has been designed by a human being, it’s transformed and transfigured by the elements that surround it.


By focusing on these nuances and selectively leaving out many 'traditional automotive details' I create very abstract, minimalist images that are not instantly recognizable, but have resonance and meaning to those who know and love that vehicle.


For me, one of the joys of abstract photography is that it involves it’s viewer on an individual level, by asking them to interpret what it is for themselves. In photographing such a hugely popular subject, my goal is to create images that challenge people, that spark their curiosity and start conversations. As abstract these images may be, I am always amazed by how many people are able to pick up on which cars are represented. It truly shows the passion that people have for cars, all around the world!


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