The Process

.  Photograph  .  Create  .  Adjust  .  Print  .  Frame  .

Most of my fine art images start life at car shows and events. Usually, I find one or two cars that catch my eye — because of their detail or how the light is playing on them in that moment — and really spend time focusing on each individual. I find it takes time to 'get to know' a vehicle, and often don't find my best images until I've been looking at it for about an hour!



For me, photography is the start of the process. Post-capture editing techniques allow me to enhance the features that drew me to make the image in the first place — whether that's a shape, a pattern of light or even a mood — and to remove distractions which impair the final piece.



Once post-production is complete, the image goes through a print preparation process specific to the medium for which it's intended, usually either metallic paper or aluminum panels.


Finally comes the actual printing! I trained for two years with a fine art framer, and do all my matted and framed prints in-house. I use professional pigment-ink printers and archival paper and matting supplies, to ensure that the images will be long-lasting and durable. Metal and canvas prints and books are outsourced to a tried-and-tested supplier and, wherever possible, personally QA'd before reaching the customer.






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