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Why and Wherefore:


Why choose us to photograph your car?


Did you have a car poster on your wall as a kid? Did you spend hours looking at photos of cars in magazines, dreaming that one day you might have one of your own?

We believe that remembering the things we love helps keep us young at heart and brings a bit of cheer to our day.  We want to help you to show off your passion and bring that aspect of your personality into your everyday living or working space.

Imagine that poster you loved, or those photos you admired in magazines were of your own car! We create these images just for you; professionally photographed and presented, so you’ll be proud to hang it in your home, display it in your office or decorate your garage.


Why do you need professional photographs your car or your automotive event?


Many people are saying that this generation is the most photographed generation, but one that'll have nothing to show for it in time.

Hard-drives crash, tablets get lost, smart-phones fall in the bathtub, to say nothing of deleting swathes of photos to make space for that new app. Images are easy-come, but also easy-go … until they’re all gone.

As photographers, we’re passionate about print and about preserving memories excellently — not just for yourself, but for future generations. We love to give people something tangible, with which to look back on their special memories and to pass them down.


We use archival print techniques and products, and have carefully selected our canvas, metal and book printers to ensure only top-notch products. We hope that when cars, as we know them, have become few-and-far-between; families will still have beautiful depictions of them for decades to come.


How, What and When:


Art from Machine

This session is all about the details, and those elements that make your car unique. Images from a shoot like this will be more abstract and artistic than a traditional automotive photo shoot.

It is a great choice for those looking wanting automotive art which doesn't scream 'car'.  You will see details of your car in a unique way which will have meaning to you, whilst still being a wall-worthy, aesthetic piece.

This type of shoot will most likely product the highest volume of images, many of which lend themselves to an automotive montage, such as:


Sessions run 1-2 hours and are less location dependent than full-body car shoots, although non- distracting backgrounds are strongly preferred.


This session takes place just after sunset and into dark. It involves a light painting technique where we use specially adapted lights to define the contours and details of your car.

It can be a fun and fascinating experience for people to watch, as we create each image layer which will be used to construct a final piece, for instance:


The session takes 1-2 hours and results in a single image. Location and positioning of your car will be agreed prior to the shoot.

The Hero Shoot

This shoot involves the most planning, lighting and logistics. After a consultation meeting, we will scout some potential locations before agreeing to the best one. We do full-body shots in a few different arrangements and angles and provide you a few 'hero shot' options. This shoot can be expanded to include detail shots and even motion shots — a real full-coverage event! An example of a two-car hero shoot can be seen here:


These sessions take 3-4 hours, depending on your specifications. The location and time of day for this type of shoot are very important and we'll gladly help you select a suitable spot.


Shoot to Sell


This package is aimed at those wanting clear, accurate and detailed images to advertise their vehicle for sale. Auto-trade images are done mostly with natural light and are not altered in post-production. To get the best chance for a sale, images must be sharp, well-lit, color-correct and comprehensive enough to give buyers a clear idea of the vehicle’s condition. This can be difficult to do without the necessary experience or equipment, which is where we come in!

We meticulously photograph the car from multiple aspects, inside and out, to provide images tailored to the publication of your choice. Non-distracting locations are preferred for these sessions.


What You Get:


These are starting session prices, as a guideline. Adding a second car, remote locations, restricted locations and other variables can increase the overall cost of the session.


Art from Machine, detail session — $250;

The Light painting session — $250;

The Hero Shoot — $500;

Shoot to Sell, auto-trade package — $150;




Print prices start at $40 for an 8x10" matted fine art print and $80 for 11x16"

A popular size is 16x20", for $125.

A signed screen-saver image is included with 11x16" prints, or larger.


Other sizes and products, such as canvas and metal prints, are available on request.

We offer simple but affordable framing options - please ask for details.





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