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Rachel Shuler: Lead Photographer, Photo-editor/graphic arts


I grew up in the UK and my background is in science and design, but I started working as a professional photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area several years ago, before moving to North Carolina.


Unlike many automotive photographers, I wasn't especially car-crazy growing up. Having said that, I still loved my first one. It was a beat-up, old, blue, hand-me-down Metro with a manual choke but I loved it and am ashamed to say, cried like a baby when it finally had to go.

It's fascinating, to me, how cars represent so many different things to different people — they've become part of our identity. What is it about vehicles that elicits so much intrigue and passion? That I cannot answer, I just know they do!



Ever since I started photography, cars have been a favorite subject. They are such sculptural objects, and the way a car interacts with light is wonderful to me. I appreciate the character and care put into to designing, what are basically utilitarian components, to make them beautiful and unique — a perfect example of giving form to function.


They say the Devil's in the details. If so, I'm in a lot of trouble .....  I love the details!

On location, I get a huge kick out of situating a car aesthetically, within a landscape, and precisely lighting it's most important aspects.

My automotive art is all about the details and the unique elements of the car.  I enjoy creating images that may not be immediately recognizable, but to someone who knows and loves the car, will be meaningful. Abstract images spark curiosity and conversation amongst car-enthusiasts, and are even a gateway of interest for those for whom the subject is not a passion.


The quiet contemplation of shooting on-set is great, but there is also something exhilarating about shooting out on the road. the engine noise, the speed and the motion, not to mention the sheer thrill and physicality of hanging off the back of a chase car, wielding a camera ;)



Joel Shuler: Business and Finance Manager, Second Photographer


My passion in life is driving. It doesn't have to be a sports car or anything exotic (although it would be nice!) but if it handles well and is fun I will push it to its limit.


I suppose it all started with racing my older brother on the twisty roads of Tennessee. He always taunted me that he was bigger, meaner and faster — which was true, everywhere except in a car! There are stories — lots of stories — but perhaps I won't write them down, in case I incriminate myself ;)

A love of cars has always been a huge part of my life and, although my high-speed-driving days are mostly done (except virtually of course!) I never go a day without reading and learning something new about them.


I enjoy the design and engineering aspects of cars, but also learning their history and background. Even old beaters come with a story and have personalities of their own — it's one of the things that makes them so special to us.


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