I've loved making jewelry since I was a little girl and, alongside the other creative pursuits of Mountain Tree Studios, I design one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces.

I periodically participate in art shows around the South East USA, which I (usually remember to) post on Facebook! If you prefer to shop online, I'd love to have you visit my Etsy Store, or contact me at info@mountaintreestudios.com for information about custom designs or re-purposed pieces.





So, what inspires me?


Around the same time that I started jewelry making in earnest, I was also remodeling a house. I found myself wandering around hardware sections, fascinated by all the different metals and shapes, saying to myself "ooh, that'd make a great .... necklace component!!!"

I love taking something that's mundane or utilitarian, and turning it into something interesting and beautiful. I enjoy the sense of opportunity and realized potential of taking these 'ugly-and-overlooked-ducklings' and transforming them into something more. Whilst I'm still a huge fan of traditional jewelry components, I regularly find myself veering back to alternative or re-purposed materials to include in my work. Here is a gallery of recent designs: